How strong are your 8 forms of capital?

LivingPersonal healthNutrition and exerciseLocal garden, soil forests MaterialFood storesToolsSpare partsEnergy sources KnowledgeBook learningExperiencePractical skills, gardening, computers, car EmotionalHow strong are you in difficult times?How do you respond to an emergency?Spirituality and mindset SocialHow well you know people in your community?How rich is your social network?How strong is your support network? CulturalIs your local society supportive… Continue reading How strong are your 8 forms of capital?

You don’t need a coach.

You don’t need a coach. But you may need a team of coaches. FinanceNutritionBusiness growthRelationshipsSalesFitnessPublic speaking What happened the last time you took advice from an amateur?

Is information free?

Is information free? How do you add value in your business? Is this the route to enlightenment? Thought > Observation > Experiment > Result > Data > Information > Knowledge > Experience > Wisdom I help the client with the last two.

Scientists Are Idiots

Scientists are idiots. They choose the hardest subjects to learn at school. They knuckle down for many years at University to get a degree. They focus their logical minds pursuing their careers, solving technical problems and creating new inventions to make our lives better. But they forget one important thing. In the real world people… Continue reading Scientists Are Idiots