Coaching Conversations

Get Started
This initial consultation is a deep dive into you current situation, challenges, and aspirations.
Personalised Insight: Analysis of your unique challenges and goals for clarity and direction.
A Strategic Roadmap: Outline potential pathways for transformation, setting the stage for a detailed action plan.
Immediate Value: Within this brief interaction you receive actionable insights and a taste of the journey ahead.
Redeemable against other programs.
Get Going
This intensive program is designed for rapid personal and professional growth, focusing on one key area that requires immediate attention and action.
Structured Growth: The 6-week timeframe provides a structured yet intensive framework for you to achieve significant milestones towards a specific goal.
Accountability and Support: Regular check-ins and tailored assignments keep you accountable, ensuring continuous progress toward your goal.
Skill Acquisition: You learn and apply new skills in real-time, using knowledge to take practical action every day.
Keep Going
Over three months, you focus on deeper, more fundamental shifts in your perspectives and actions, aligning them with your core values.
Deep Transformation: Extended time allows for profound personal and professional transformations, aligning your life and career with your true values.
Sustainable Change: By focusing on core values, changes made during this program are more likely to be sustainable and deeply integrated into your life.
Comprehensive Support: With three months of guidance, you benefit from comprehensive support through various challenges and transitions, so you feel supported every step of the way.

Pro Bono Sessions

My colleagues and I in our International Coaching Community Achology are still offering a limited number of pro bono sessions by application only on the website.