Inspiration Seekers

I’ve been inspired by many people over the years and here are a few that have their finger on the pulse of our current predicament – the polycrisis. Storms brewing in energy, the economy and the environment corrode social cohesion and we need to support and become the best thinkers in the world.

Kain Ramsay – Modern Applied Psychology


Nora Bateson – life, meaning, education

Small Arcs of Larger Circles

Nate Hagens – energy blindness

The Great Simplification – with Nate Hagens

Daniel Schmachtenberger – the human super organism

The Future Of Civilisation

Peter Diamandis – exponentially growing organizations

Peter H. Diamandis

Salim Ismail – exponentially growing organizations

Exponential Organizations Living Book

Chris Martenson – Energy, economy, environment

Peak Prosperity

Patrick Bet-David – business politics and the economy