Our Exponential Growth

Our current way of life will fall off a sharp seneca Cliff if we don’t start to mitigate elements of the polycrisis immediately.


The current generation will have a lower material standard of living than the last in terms of resources, energy and nature. This is never happened before in the history of mankind.

Speed and scale of the right action is of utmost importance.


Effective communication using every marketing trick in the book
Messaging must be based on fundamental human psychology
Speed requires exponential growth


We have to bring 8 billion people on board
Scale requires exponential growth

Tom Bilyeu Alex Homozi

Mindset Simon Sinek

Peter Diamandis – Unlocking Exponential with Peter Diamandis and Salim Ismail | ExO 2.0 Launch Event

Right Action

Every action we take must move us closer to seven generations thinking
Every action must be based on scientific principles
Every action must be based on the golden rule “do unto others…”
We have enough information, we need to have the right mindset