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About Jonathan Frost

Jonathan Frost is a well-known speaker and published author. With a long history in technology and education he has transformed from Physicist to Firewalker as he has built his IT support business. He has helped hundreds of people overcome problems with their computer and technology. Now he helps people at every stage of their personal and business growth. From a broken laptop to an ugly website, from a lack of energy to a business plan, Jon can help you.


Having just set up a new business things have been very hectic but I have been so lucky to have had Jon and his team to sort out all things domain related with great efficiency. I have not had to worry about a thing as Fix My PC get on with things in the background and the results are great. I have a fab new webpage, efficient email service and am fully supported going forwards. I would not hesitate to recommend Fix My PC.

Eleanor Tampin

Sahara Solar Solution

It may be a bit chilly now as we approach Christmas but did you know...More sunlight energy falls on the Sahara in four days than the world uses in a year.The price of solar generation has fallen by 10% per year for the last 20 yearsHuge fields of wind turbines or...

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Building Your Personal Brand – Who Are You?

You are your brand. To be heard in the noisy marketplace your personal brand must be powerful and memorable. Sharing your story, your personal ideals and purpose, builds confidence and trust in you more effectively than a list of facts. Your reputation...

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Business Viability – Is There Money In It?

Making money is easy. Find what people want, get it, sell it to them. Do that for many people, scale up and you become rich. Reflect on your skills and how they might fit into your unique niche market, creating your personal brand. Can you improve on your...

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