Jon is the CEO of UK’s No1 Co Ltd, a thinking, technology and sustainability training company. He has built a reputation of insight, honesty and integrity in research, education and business.

Jon’s academic background taught him the value of reading widely, critical thinking and hard work. He has helped over 20 students towards getting their doctorates at Cambridge, Sheffield, and Sheffield Hallam Universities. 

He has seen the strengths and weaknesses of the current education system through his time as a student at school and university, as a postgraduate at university and also as a secondary school science teacher.

He has supported the community by helping over 10,000 local people and businesses with their computer issues over the last 22 years. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in personal growth or in building a genuinely sustainable business then let Jon start helping you ask the right questions.

3 Unique Strands

Critical Thinking

We are in the age of information overload. No one person can read all that is written, listen to Every podcast or watch every YouTube video. Misinformation is being deliberately fabricated on an industrial scale. What are the tools that we need to navigate this fast changing landscape? How can we make the transition from the information age to an era of wisdom? Asking meaningful questions will start us on this journey of exploration.

Genuine Sustainability

How can you achieve the infinite growth on a finite planet that current world economic theory demands? How have some indigenous communities survived for tens of thousands of years and yet modern empires collapse in a few centuries? Ask 6 people what sustainable means and you’ll get 6 different answers. Why do some people say that we can have a sustainable future by switching from petrol to electric vehicles?

Personal Development

What does it mean to be human? If we strip away all the material goods, possessions and trinkets, all that remains is telling stories, having children and being part of a a community. If you feel there is something missing in your life then you have taken the first step in personal growth – self awareness. Applying the principles of modern applied psychology will help us discover your purpose, your route to fulfilment.


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Thinking Tools
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Business Sustainability Strategy
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