It may be a bit chilly now as we approach Christmas but did you know…

More sunlight energy falls on the Sahara in four days than the world uses in a year.

The price of solar generation has fallen by 10% per year for the last 20 years

Huge fields of wind turbines or solar panels in the Sahara desert could turn parts of it green

So why not cover the useless, arid and hostile sand dunes of the world with solar panels?

Let’s look at the objections.


But the sun doesn’t shine all the time
There are deserts all around the world

But lots of these areas are politically unstable
Where does most oil come from now? Even these countries are investing in solar. Look at Morocco. And increased income from local job creation and investment can reduce terrorism.

But oil will keep us going for ages yet
Even oil companies are investing in the longer term. BP has recently backed solar with a £200 million project.

And there’s more!

Extra Benefits

Slow down climate change as we replace fossil fuel use
Better trade relations because International governments have to collaborate
Wealth redistribution as local jobs are created.

Call to Action

Write to you local MP and tell them to stop rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. Tell them to stop going for the quick buck with fracking and show some leadership and vision by backing long term international projects..


Wind and solar power plants in Sahara could turn desert green

Solar panel costs

Deserts around the world

BP invests in solar

Morocco invests in solar

Reduce terrorism
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